I can help you with things like...

Finding your market

Even within children illustration, there are picture books, board books, early readers, middle grade chapter novels, games and activity books, educational, etc. Which is right for you?

Style review

How does your style fit in with your industry of choice and your goals? Does it match with what publishers and agents are looking for now? Is it consistent, adaptable, memorable?

Consistency & variety

An art director wants to know your work will be consistent throughout the whole project, and that you're capable of drawing a wide array of things. Do you successfully show this?

Piece by piece feedback

Each illustration is a piece of the puzzle and your portfolio is only as good as your weakest piece. Are there any anatomy or perspective mishaps in your portfolio? A confusing composition?

Strengths & weaknesses

I can advise you on what you should lean into, and what you need to work on. Maybe your values lack contrast, or your backgrounds are too bland? Knowledge is power!

Answer your questions

Do you have any specific questions about your portfolio, your next steps, about how to find an agent or even a contract you're currently negotiating? Ask away!

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